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How To Delete From The Blacklist
The records of all loans, credit cards, cheques, promissory notes and all remaining financial transactions taken from banks to meet the needs of individuals are recorded by the Central Bank and the credit Registration Bureau. If each of these financial transactions is not used regularly and due to problems, disruptions and delays in their repayment, the Central Bank and the credit Registration Office through the banks initiate a follow-up to the bank's customers.

The bank customers who have problems in their payments are added to the system known as black list within the legal periods determined by administrative and legal follow-up. This information held by the central bank is recorded in accordance with the information provided by the banks. The name of the person mentioned in these records is not deleted in the records for at least 5 years and the banks characterize this person as the riskiest customer.

In order to get out of this system, which prevents a person whose name is on the blacklist from working with Banks, his name must be removed from the blacklist. It is possible to say that there is only one way to remove a person's name from the Black List records. This method is to cover all of the existing financial debts and all payments that cause the person's name to be added to the blacklist. However, the name of a person who has covered all debts is not immediately removed from The Blacklist and the person is removed from the records after 5 years. In addition, these records can remain in the records of banks even if they have been deleted by the Central Bank.

After the person's name is removed from the blacklist, it is possible to start working with banks again. However, because banks have access to historical records, they can respond negatively to the person's credit or credit card applications. However, it should not be forgotten that today some banks can respond negatively to the applications of people, while some banks can respond positively to the demands of their customers.

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