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5 Steps To Learning Forex
With the technological developments that have been experienced in recent years as well as being known, an investment platform that can be used over the web has been established and has been very popular by investors. Investors in our country have been caught in this wind and have been trading on investment platforms using their mobile phones over the web. One of these platforms is forex, which we often hear about. What is Forex, forex trading is good, Forex and what are the disadvantages of the form of questions have become the issues that every person has wondered.

First, What is Forex and what is done in the Forex market?
” Foreign Exchange " is a short form of the word Forex in our state is used for the expression Forex. The process in Forex is quite simple. Buying and selling… taking something and selling it at a profit.. When you say something, it's currency. In short, it is foreign exchange trading.

What Are The Advantages Of Forex?

You may immediately think of a clichéd notion that I can trade foreign currency anywhere. True, you can trade foreign currency anywhere, only since Forex is open 5 days a week for 24 hours, there is more time zone for you to trade. You can trade from your mobile phone even when you are lying down… only the markets are closed in the evening; Forex users continue trading.
Forex is open 5 days 24 hours as we said before. Just at the weekend, with the closing of the New York Stock Exchange in the US, the Forex market is closed. It opens with the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Sunday.

How Much Is The Forex Market Volume? Is there manipulation in Forex?
On average, Forex trading volume worldwide is around 2.8 trillion dollars. Forex is not suitable for manipulation in the form of the stock market.

Does Forex have a winner? What do you have to do to win at forex?
Forex has a lot of money-making investors, but unfortunately there are also those who lose everything. Before entering forex, we must first learn the concepts and Terms, trade demo accounts prepared by Forex platforms and understand the logic well. In fact, when using these demos, we should not be satisfied with one, we should understand the system thoroughly by trading on more than one demo platform.

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