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What Are The Trading Hours Of Forex?
In this article we will try to answer the question of what are forex trading hours. In addition, we will compare the trading hours of forex with the trading hours of other money markets and compare their differences and their superior characteristics. As it is known, the forex market is open to trading every weekday for 24 hours. Similar to the stock market, other money markets do not have such extensive labor hours. This allows forex to have a larger trading volume than other money markets. Let's take this issue and forex trading hours around the world in more detail.

We mentioned that the Forex market is open for 24 hours. You can go to the top of the net in the middle of the day or at midnight and trade in the same way you wish. With the help of this feature, it is in great demand throughout the world. Because of this, transactions can be made in other money markets only during working hours. In terms of trading hours, this is the main reason why it is in great demand. Let's give information about forex trading hours on the world. When we examine the list below, we will be able to find out if forex trading is good for 24 hours.

The Sydney Forex market opens at 00:00 England time and closes at 09:00.
Tokyo Forex market opens at 01:00 England time and closes at 10:00.
The Frankfurt Forex market opens at 10:00 England time and closes at 18:30.
The London Forex market opens at 10:00 England time and closes at 19:00.
The New York Forex market opens at 15:30 England time and closes at 00:00.
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It is possible to find an open market every hour of the day in order to make Forex trading, as is evident from the above information. When we consider the other forex markets around the world, we can say that every hour of the day is suitable for trading in an alternative form. The first forex market created in the world is the Sydney Stock Exchange. Since it is the first transaction market created, it is not very busy. But with the opening of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, mobility takes a step and when European markets are involved, the mobility in the forex markets reaches its peak. In terms of Forex trading hours, the fact that there is a very large labor hours is one of the biggest reasons for its rapid development.

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