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  Where and how to get Forex training?
Posted by: admin - 09-09-2020, 01:19 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

Forex is at the beginning of today's largest trading markets. In this article we will talk about where to get forex education and whether it is good. You are in exactly the right place if you want to meet and gain by advancing forex, which is legally allowed to trade in our country.
Forex, which can be traded instantaneously, is by its most general definition foreign exchange. In fact, it is a market in which the money of one country is processed according to the money of the other country.

Forex, which was created in this way at the beginning, has a much larger trading volume today. There is not a single trading center designated for forex, also called the over-the-counter market. This market is open 24 hours a day every weekday and you can trade in a similar manner as you wish. Using Forex tools, you can make transactions with orders that you give even without the beginning.

Where to get Forex training and is it good?

If you are not familiar with the Forex market, you should first learn the concepts and trading steps of this market. For this you will be supported by Web sites or intermediaries providing forex training. You can provide the necessary data accumulation by completing your forex training on these regions which offer free forex training. After the training you will open a free forex demo account on a kind of exercise before trading in the real market you have consolidated. So we can give the internet in response to the question of where to get Forex training and whether it is good. You can get forex training with free forex training and demo accounts. You can do what you have learned in training on a demo account in a similar way that you are trading in the real forex market.

It is easy and difficult, lucrative and extremely risky to be able to make a profit by trading in the Forex markets. The last stage of operations can be done in a comfortable state. To do this, it is necessary to learn and get to the finest detail without disrupting the training. There is also the risk of losing at the same rate while making gains with Forex. For example, when you have a chance to earn 10 times as much as your money, you will risk losing that much. So we advise you to be very careful.

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  5 Steps To Learning Forex
Posted by: admin - 09-09-2020, 01:19 PM - Forum: Economy - No Replies

With the technological developments that have been experienced in recent years as well as being known, an investment platform that can be used over the web has been established and has been very popular by investors. Investors in our country have been caught in this wind and have been trading on investment platforms using their mobile phones over the web. One of these platforms is forex, which we often hear about. What is Forex, forex trading is good, Forex and what are the disadvantages of the form of questions have become the issues that every person has wondered.

First, What is Forex and what is done in the Forex market?
” Foreign Exchange " is a short form of the word Forex in our state is used for the expression Forex. The process in Forex is quite simple. Buying and selling… taking something and selling it at a profit.. When you say something, it's currency. In short, it is foreign exchange trading.

What Are The Advantages Of Forex?

You may immediately think of a clichéd notion that I can trade foreign currency anywhere. True, you can trade foreign currency anywhere, only since Forex is open 5 days a week for 24 hours, there is more time zone for you to trade. You can trade from your mobile phone even when you are lying down… only the markets are closed in the evening; Forex users continue trading.
Forex is open 5 days 24 hours as we said before. Just at the weekend, with the closing of the New York Stock Exchange in the US, the Forex market is closed. It opens with the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Sunday.

How Much Is The Forex Market Volume? Is there manipulation in Forex?
On average, Forex trading volume worldwide is around 2.8 trillion dollars. Forex is not suitable for manipulation in the form of the stock market.

Does Forex have a winner? What do you have to do to win at forex?
Forex has a lot of money-making investors, but unfortunately there are also those who lose everything. Before entering forex, we must first learn the concepts and Terms, trade demo accounts prepared by Forex platforms and understand the logic well. In fact, when using these demos, we should not be satisfied with one, we should understand the system thoroughly by trading on more than one demo platform.

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  Is The Forex Market Reliable?
Posted by: admin - 09-09-2020, 01:17 PM - Forum: Coin - No Replies

By becoming known, forex has taken a new step towards recognition in our country. This is why many investors wonder if the forex market is safe. Each investor acts for the purpose of making a profit in the first place due to the work he has done. So he wants to be in a safe environment first to do the procedure. Moreover, the return of an average of 6 trillion dollars a day in the forex market brings to mind whether investors should be trusted in the first place. In this article, which we have prepared with all these things in mind, we will try to give you valuable readers information about whether the forex market is safe or not.

Transactions in the Forex markets are regularly monitored by the every week. It is enough to say that forex is a reliable market for the main Money Market Board to act legally.From a legal point of view, the forex market is quite reliable. So, is investing money in forex broker companies reliable? How do we know these companies won't cheat us? Many investors have such questions on their minds as they enter the forex markets. Money invested in forex companies controlled by the is no different from money invested in any bank. It is fully legally guaranteed. As long as the company selected for forex trading is legally authorized by the CMB.

The issue of security in the Forex markets is not normally restricted to a single company. But being reliable and legal will eliminate many problems directly. For this reason, it must be learned whether the agreed intermediary institution has an license. In fact, the Official Web page of the CMB should be checked over. The companies shown here are given ” buy and sell brokerage authorization certificate". Some conditions must be met before this document can be obtained. In particular, it is of great importance to have experts who have graduated from the relevant departments of universities. Thus, a more reliable environment can be created by ensuring that the competent people are in the market.

We tried to answer the question of whether the Forex market is safe by looking at it from the point of view of the companies. In fact, having experience and data from the perspective of companies as well as individuals makes the forex market more reliable. Those who don't know the market, who act with hearsay data, are doomed to lose whatever happens.

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  Forex: what is a Swap?
Posted by: admin - 09-09-2020, 01:16 PM - Forum: Gold - No Replies

The word “Swap”, which takes place in the forex market litarutür, literally translates to change or swap into England. This is the name given to the process of clearing the cash flows of any two assets with an equal default monetary value over a given period of time.
Swap is one of the most difficult terms to understand in the forex market literature. There are a limited number of people who have been in the Forex market for years who know exactly what the term means. According to the general logic of swaps, the value taken is given as debt and the value sold is debited. In a sense, the cost of transportation can be considered.

As a result, the numerical net difference between these two interests is taken into account every working day at 00:00 at night. In other words, the difference that is realized according to the overnight interest settlement is added to the position. Monday Friday Tuesday Thursday and Friday night Swap accounts will be created one day, while three-day swaps will be added to positions created on Wednesday but not closed at 00: 00 this time at night (closed on the other days). The fact that Wednesday is different is a special situation in the Forex market (value T+2 ). The swap is applied for 3 days after two days of clearing transactions on the end of the week.

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  How To Make Money In The Forex Market?
Posted by: admin - 09-09-2020, 01:15 PM - Forum: Gold - No Replies

The forex market is the most preferred market for those who want to make large amounts of money in a short time recently. So, is it good to make money in the forex market? Since Forex is a newly recognized currency market in our state, there are few who know whether to make good money. In this article we will offer suggestions on whether to make good money in the forex market. This allows beginners and forex traders who want to experience more detailed information. How to make good money with forex…

In Forex, which today has the highest trading volume, every investor trades in order to make a big profit. People who understand this work by giving serious importance to quickly increase their savings. In order to generate large revenues through investments and transactions in a short period of time, it is necessary to first agree with an intermediary institution in order to be able to trade in the forex market, which is the final stage suitable. These brokers first give their clients a rigorous forex training when applying to make forex. After training, opening a demo account allows them to gain experience first before they start trading in the real forex environment. Forex demo account transactions with virtual currencies can prepare the person for the real forex environment in the best way.

The question of whether to make good money in the Forex market is one of the most important questions every investor has in mind. As a result, every investor is moving with the hope of making big money with forex. For this reason, free Forex training is taken and demo accounts and trades are made to dominate the market. One of the main factors of making money with Forex is using the leverage system. The loss in the leverage system, where a gain of 100 to 1 can be achieved, is the same. In order to get ahead of this, it is important to use stop loss and take profit orders as a factor in the final stage.

Thus, it is possible to gain the most with the minimum risk. To do all these things and to make a profit comes first from dominating the market. After that, gaining experience and interpreting the market in a good way will be the direct answer to the question of whether good money is earned in the forex market.

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  What are the factors affecting Forex and the stock market?
Posted by: admin - 09-09-2020, 01:14 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies


Developed economies have a large enough structure to manage all markets in the world. The movements or effects of these economies can be quite far-reaching. This is why the decision-making mechanisms of these types of economies and the decisions taken by Labour are a reference for all other economies. What are the factors affecting Forex and the stock market? first place in the betting is the data of these advanced economies and the behavior of decision-making centers.

The stock markets are markets where the securities of large firms in quite different sectors are bought and sold. Therefore, developments related to locomotive sectors that change from stock market to stock market directly affect the general stock market. In such cases, the overall volume and direction of the transactions are affected by the positivity of the incoming news. In addition, the most important features of these types of markets are that they are an investment environment based on trust and stability. As soon as this environment is impaired, the trading volumes in the stock markets move in the direction of sales and the indices move in the downward trend. This happens in such a short time that until the investor opens or closes the position, many developments are experienced and end. That's why stock markets are risky markets.

In the Forex market, many items are traded as investment instruments. This market is deeply influenced by countries ' own economies and relations with each other, as well as overall stability data. Since there are many commodities traded in the market, the Forex market has a lot of variables. What is the news affecting Forex and the stock market? the most fundamental answer to his question is, in fact, the changes in the balances that constitute stability.
The stock market and the Forex market are mainly influenced by the major economies and political movements after the country they depend on. What is the news affecting Forex and the stock market? while more complex responses are possible when asked, the basic answer is stability.

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  What Are The Trading Hours Of Forex?
Posted by: admin - 09-09-2020, 01:13 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

In this article we will try to answer the question of what are forex trading hours. In addition, we will compare the trading hours of forex with the trading hours of other money markets and compare their differences and their superior characteristics. As it is known, the forex market is open to trading every weekday for 24 hours. Similar to the stock market, other money markets do not have such extensive labor hours. This allows forex to have a larger trading volume than other money markets. Let's take this issue and forex trading hours around the world in more detail.

We mentioned that the Forex market is open for 24 hours. You can go to the top of the net in the middle of the day or at midnight and trade in the same way you wish. With the help of this feature, it is in great demand throughout the world. Because of this, transactions can be made in other money markets only during working hours. In terms of trading hours, this is the main reason why it is in great demand. Let's give information about forex trading hours on the world. When we examine the list below, we will be able to find out if forex trading is good for 24 hours.

The Sydney Forex market opens at 00:00 England time and closes at 09:00.
Tokyo Forex market opens at 01:00 England time and closes at 10:00.
The Frankfurt Forex market opens at 10:00 England time and closes at 18:30.
The London Forex market opens at 10:00 England time and closes at 19:00.
The New York Forex market opens at 15:30 England time and closes at 00:00.
It's important! Which bank is the most suitable loan of GBP 5000 with a term of 36 months?

It is possible to find an open market every hour of the day in order to make Forex trading, as is evident from the above information. When we consider the other forex markets around the world, we can say that every hour of the day is suitable for trading in an alternative form. The first forex market created in the world is the Sydney Stock Exchange. Since it is the first transaction market created, it is not very busy. But with the opening of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, mobility takes a step and when European markets are involved, the mobility in the forex markets reaches its peak. In terms of Forex trading hours, the fact that there is a very large labor hours is one of the biggest reasons for its rapid development.

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  What Should Be Considered When Choosing A Forex Company?
Posted by: admin - 09-09-2020, 01:12 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

It is not possible to trade individually in the forex market as it is known. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to agree with an intermediary institution. So, what should be considered when choosing a forex company? Which forex companies should you apply to? You will find the answer to all these questions in the following lines of our article. In addition, you will be able to find information about why choosing a forex company is important and what it will bring and lose.

What To Pay Attention To When Choosing A Forex Company

After Forex started to be done legally in our country, many investors started to deal with this market as a factor. However, as the individual transaction could not be made, intermediary companies authorized by the CMB were flocked. Some of these companies actually made big gains for their customers, while others caused big losses. Even those who applied to illegal brokerage firms were defrauded. In order to avoid all these negativity and to make real profitable transactions, the brokerage firm has to be very well chosen. So let's take a look together at what should be considered when choosing a forex company.

The first thing to note when choosing a Forex company is that it is a legally licensed company. It is very important that the company is recognized by the both in terms of legal and trust.
The most important feature that Forex companies need is the availability of customer services at any time of the day. Access to the purchasing representative for all kinds of transactions, questions and problems is important in the final stage. It is important to reach the buyer's representative because the instantaneous changes in the Forex market will directly affect the profit - loss ratios.
Does the purchasing agent at the brokerage firm actually carry out the orders at the desired levels? For example, when you give a command for any operation, is the price of the command applied and the order you give the same?

Whether or not the institution has been in the forex market for a long time is also important in the final stage. Experience in the Forex market is of great importance. The fact that it has been in the market for many years removes the doubts that are put into mind about experience. Moreover, making a name in the market and being recognized by all of us is one of the most important reasons of choice.
It's important! What Is A Forex Signal?

When looking for answers to the question of what should be taken care of when choosing a Forex company, you first need to pay attention to whether it is legal or not. It should never be ignored and acted upon in this way.

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  How To Be A Young Entrepreneur?
Posted by: admin - 09-09-2020, 01:10 PM - Forum: Economy - No Replies

What Is A Young Entrepreneur?

The young entrepreneur is the one who gathers his asset fund under the most lucrative conditions to produce goods and services. Besides making money and providing employment for others, it creates economic value for the country. He takes great risks and brings his project to life.

How To Be A Young Entrepreneur? / How To Start Entrepreneurship

First of all, you have to make entrepreneurship your way of life. That means increasing your personal responsibilities. You get used to it. Have an idea, and manage your entire business according to that idea. The entrepreneurship sector is very branched. If you keep the right idea branch, you will develop it further. After all this information you have to put out your product. Do not try to be the first to perfect your product, work to be sufficient level. Then improve your product with feedback from users.

Why Become An Entrepreneur?

You you are your own boss. You earn as much as you value your work. So you have unlimited income potential. You become more passionate about what you do. Your sense of belonging prevails and you enjoy what you do. “There is also the old age of this.” If you say, you have a long-standing fund for you. You can sell whenever you want. If you have entrepreneurship in your soul, don't be afraid of risks. If your inner self tells you to be an entrepreneur, be it. Fear not, for happiness will bring you success.

How To Get A Young Entrepreneur Loan

Supports young entrepreneurs to open businesses. Which provides support to its entrepreneurs with some grants and some loans, also has conditions. First, you need to register with and start a course. The young people who receive certificates will follow path by preparing a project and business plan to implement their ideas. If your business idea is accepted, the door of 150.000₺support will be opened, including grant + loan.

Young Entrepreneur Support To whom?

Young people who have signed up to for support, who have finished their course and obtained their certificate will prepare a project and business plan. Young people in the 18-30 age group who have accepted the business idea will be able to benefit from this grant + credit support.

Does the young entrepreneur have bond-court support?

The answer to this question is, yes. State, 18-30 age group of young people who want to open a business premiums will meet for 1 year. This has Of course been another boost that will pave the way for young entrepreneurs.

What Part Should Be Read To Be An Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks and doing the right analysis. What we call commercial intelligence comes to the fore more. You don't need to read a section specifically to be an entrepreneur. In addition, you can make an entrepreneurship related to the department you are studying. This can take you a step up from other entrepreneurial candidates.

What Can Young Entrepreneurs Do?

You you are an entrepreneur. And you can name any sector you want to name. You can set up any company, open any shop, grow any fruit you want. Don't limit yourself and trust your imagination. Once you have the right investments, you will be able to achieve success in any job you want.

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  Recruitment of employees during COVID-19
Posted by: admin - 09-09-2020, 01:07 PM - Forum: Economy - No Replies

Only 16% of HR professionals report that they feel ready to become fully virtualized with recruitment practices.
To start your recruitment process, make sure people know you're hiring. Ask your employees to spread the word on social media.
Hiring new employees remotely is difficult, but companies must develop plans, prioritize remote work skills and consider passive recruitment strategies.

If your company is hiring, the process may look a little different from the conversations you're now used to or the conversations you need to switch to video chat. You will also need to adapt your recruitment practices to keep your candidate pipeline full. This guide will provide you with five strategies you can implement to help your business effectively recruit, recruit, and remotely recruit new teams as an on-board team.

Is your business ready to recruit and hire new employees remotely?

A recent survey by Doodle found that 16% of HR professionals in the US said they were ready to become fully virtualized with their recruitment and recruitment programs. The study also found that despite the increase in away meetings, remote meeting tools were low priority items in HR budgets, new employees who were hired had a hard time almost as if they were part of the team, and HR managers struggled with the employee. participation and effective integration into corporate culture.
The future of the business and the recruitment process associated with the covid-19 outbreak are uncertain, so small businesses will need to be flexible and adjust their usual practices until face-to-face work is possible again. Here are five steps you can take to tailor your recruitment practices.

Let people know you're hiring.

Many qualified candidates looking for work before the pandemic hit may assume that most companies did not hire during the crisis, so you should be well aware that your company is actively looking for new employees.
Mid-Atlantic president Chris Vennitti said: "companies must first inform the public that they are still being hired and moving forward. Addison Group. "The current pool of candidates will be directed towards firms operating in outreach.”
Make sure all of your current job ads are listed on your company's website, and watch out for your open positions on social media and other ways of marketing to help you find the right candidate.
“Companies should renew and clear their job ads online – new registrations will have the most traction, and those posted a month ago will no longer be potentially relevant,” Vennitti said.
You can also help your current employees learn their words using their own social media, says CEO Clair Kim, Clairly Creative. It continued: "encourage your company staff to share their job postings on social media. The more sharing, the greater the access. Bonus points that can share why they love working for this company at a business launch!”

Have a detailed staff recruitment procedure.

If you are recruiting during the coronavirus pandemic, you need a detailed and well thought out procedure or recruitment plan before you begin processing. Hiring entirely remotely will be a very different experience than hiring in person, and it is your responsibility to the company and potential employees to make sure you have a process that will work.
” Make sure you have a system to test your technologies in advance and ask the interviewer to do the same, " said coach and real estate agent Chantay Bridges. “Anything you can do in advance to make sure everything goes well is a good start.”
Much of the preparation for hiring a new employee will be the same as if you were hiring in person. You will compile a list of candidates, narrow them down, and choose which ones to interview.
When you expand the invitation for a video interview, be sure to elaborate on how the process will proceed and what the candidate should expect.

Add all the necessary information, such as time, date, and who to call whom.
Provide a link to the Video meeting.
Tell them whether this location is permanent or temporarily remote.
Jennifer Walden, director of operations, said: “remote recruitment should ensure you provide plenty of information to candidates and review incoming applications." said. Wikilawn. “There must be a sea. Set strict standards for what you want in an applicant, clarify them in the job ad and cut out anyone who doesn't meet them. It is very important to be able to do this process remotely. .”
Be realistic with your offer.
It's a very uncertain time for both businesses and employees, so when hiring, make sure your company is able to support a new employee without booking or making changes.

“When hiring during a crisis, I think you have to be very aware of what you can offer, " Walden said." said. He continued: "make sure you have a long, permanent position to be to the best of your knowledge, along with Competitive remuneration and perks.”
If you think or know that conditions will change, such as employees switching to in-office work after the crisis has passed, leave all of this when you make the job offer.
"Whether it's a permanent position or a temporary one, make sure the new hire and the company are on the same page,” Kim said. He added: "after the crisis, things are going to be different and different now. Company leaders must have clear plans.”

Prioritize remote work skills.

Because many Americans work remotely indefinitely, it is in your company's interest to focus specifically on remote working skills when hiring. Effective communication, organization, conscience and self-orientation are useful skills in remote work.
While your company may not be completely remote forever, searching for these skills, especially in job candidates, can ease their transition to your company and increase their initial productivity, as there may be fewer learning curves to adapt to remote work.
You may also consider doing certain roles that you hire to completely remote control.
"Remote renting allows organizations to access more islands than ever in the comfort of their homes,” said Kim. “Many companies hired during coronavirus are specifically recruiting remote or freelance positions.”

Use your existing pool of candidates.

Many companies have pools of candidates who have applied before and are looking for jobs during the crisis. If you want to avoid an effective recruitment campaign, you can shift your focus to the current pool of available candidates and recruit from there.
Who we focus more on is passive candidates – namely current candidates, potential candidates we pay attention to, unwanted applicants. "Optimizing an existing talent pool [gives companies something] they can benefit from when implementing their exit strategies from the crisis.”
Kim said this approach could give companies time and time to hire the right employees who will give them full strength in new initiatives once the crisis passes and businesses resume normal activities.

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